JPS Classic Speedster

NEW! Also available for ELECTRIC

Our Assemble Kit Speedsters are in stock or already in production, so you can drive the classic car you've always dreamed of without the long wait.

  • Classic Speedster design

  • Iconic paint and leather colors 

  • Install your own gasoline or electric motor/transmission or select from recommended suppliers/installers

  • Beautiful styling choices

  • From $24,995 for the complete kit minus engine/transmission

Models shown with optional equipment

JPS Classic 356 Speedster Replica
Ivory 356 JPS Speedster


The Classic Assemble kit is semi-custom car that's the same high quality but at a lower cost. Assembled on a 3" DOM tubular steel chassis, its exceptionally high quality assemble will have you tearing through the canyons and turning heads down the boulevard quicker than you might think. Install your own engine/transmission, or order one of three different configurations from our recommended suppliers.  Standard specification includes:

  • Tubular steel chassis

  • Hand-laid, steel reinforced fiber glass body with Ditzler paint

  • Disc brakes, front and rear

  • Front suspension: fully adjustable twin torsion I-beam 

  • Rear suspension:  torsion bar with adjustable spring plates swing axle 

  • New original-style painted 4-lug wheels with 185 x 15 tires, with available 5-lug upgrades

  • Leather trimmed three spoke steering wheel

  • Full leather interior

  • Original style folding convertible top and side curtains

  • Warranty 12 months 12,000 miles

  • Install your own engine/transmission, or choose between all-new air-cooled flat four 'boxer engines' with 1776cc, 2110cc or 2332cc configurations from our recommended suppliers.

  • Delivery typically around 3-4 month for in-stock cars, 6 months for special orders

Scroll down to learn more, check cars in stock now or contact us for future available cars and options to create a semi-custom car assembled around you but available fast!

Before engine/transmission and optional upgrades, the
standard package for our speedster kit is $24,995

Models shown with optional equipment


Limitless Choice of Colors

We strive to have kits in stock in the classic colors.  HOWEVER, because we are always in production, you can choose pretty much any color you want.  Whatever the vision is for your Speedster Replica,  come talk to us.

Price:  Included in standard package

Jet Black
Aquamarine Blue
Classic Blue
Metallic Gray
CLASSIC SPEEDSTER Interior Leather Options

Interior Choices - Simple and Beautiful

The interior of the Classic is all leather.  Not only the seats, but also the dash, door panels and trim are all leather covered, as standard.  

Black sixteen other choices depending upon the exact timing of your order.

We strive to always have kits in stock with some of these leather choices, combined with the popular paint colors listed above.  If we don't have what you want in stock, contact us to discuss your vision.

Price:  Included in standard package


Classic Driving Experience...Just More Power 

Our Speedster Kit has been carefully designed and built to handle substantially more power than the original.  If you opt for an engine/transmission from our recommended suppliers, your choices start with a flat four air-cooled 1776cc engine, rated at 95hp. This tried and tested power plant includes a factory new VW case, a new stroker crankshaft counter-weighted and balanced. Add to that reconditioned VW rods, new Mahle pistons and barrels, new heads, 110 cam, lightened flywheel, full-flow oil system, external oil filter, 36HP Doghouse and dual carburetors, and you have a classic driving experience, only with substantially more power than the original Speedster. From there you can really juice things up with the 2110cc option that's good for 125hp, or even the 2332cc which cranks out 175hp.  

$ Price:  Contact us to discuss your needs

A quick overview of our recommended air-cooled engines 
Air-cooled 1776cc & 2110cc
Air-cooled 2332cc painted shroud
Standard painted 4-lug wheels with chrome half moon hub caps
Fuchs style 5-lug wheels
JPS Classic 356 Speedster replica super nipple hub caps
Chrome 5-lug wheels with super "nipple" hub caps
Minilite style 5-lug wheels

How You Roll

In keeping with the classic look of the 1957 Speedster, we offer original-style painted 4-lug wheels or optional alloys with 185 x 15 tires.  So, you have four choices of wheel that help make your Classic look all your own:

  • Painted 4-lug wheels with chrome half moon hub caps ($ Price included in standard package)

  • Painted 4-lug wheels with super "nipple" hub caps ($ Price: $220)

  • Minilite-style 4-lug wheels ($ Price:  $400)

  • Fuchs-style wheels ($ Price:  $650)

You have many choices when it comes to wheels.  See options list for full details.  Whichever option you choose, you'll get an unmistakably classic look for your JPS. 


Waiting for the delivery of your JPS is almost as exciting as driving it. The Classic assemble kit and our assemble process is designed to be available as quickly as possible. There are always Classics in stock or in production. Because we also understand that driving a car like the JPS Classic is a form of self expression, we have designed it to be semi-custom. That means your combination of paint, leather and options could make it totally unique!  Remember, this isn't just our job. It's our passion!  Despite the quick availability of the Classic, we still want to create something truly remarkable, and just for you.  So CONTACT US and let's make it happen.

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